Don't worry, we will discuss the nutrition of pregnant women here

Nutrition of pregnant women is one of the main determinants of maternal and fetal health. Lack of nutritional intake during pregnancy and poor lifestyle, makes the fetus at higher risk of experiencing disorders, such as underweight birth, growth and development obstacles, to birth defects. After you are declared pregnant, that's when you have to start being careful in choosing food intake to be consumed. This is because every food you consume will be absorbed by the fetus as nutrients for growth and development. If necessary, additional nutritional intake can be obtained from prenatal supplements prescribed by your doctor. Various Nutrients Needed by Pregnant Women The experts recommend pregnant women of normal weight to consume 1800 calories in the first trimester, 2200 calories in the second trimester, and 2400 calories in the third trimester. So that the baby in the womb can grow and develop properly, you are advised to consume the following food intake as a source of nutr
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